Photo Credit – Mike Sansano

Ji Sharp – Guitar/Vocals

Niagara based bandleader, Ji ‘Sharp’ Yehia, founded Road Waves in 2014 after building many connections and inspirations from his involvement in previous bands and art projects. Heavily influenced by jam bands such as Phish and the Grateful Dead, as well as masterful composers like Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, his memorable and dance inducing compositions provide the groundwork upon which he and his band mates can elaborate.

Yo Izumita – Bass

Yo Izumita joined the project as a guitarist and despite a short hiatus in December 2015, returned during the summer of 2016 to assume his present role as the band’s bass guitarist. Sharing similar musical tastes to Ji, he is equally at home laying down a funky groove and maintaining the rhythmic foundation necessary to keep the beat moving.

Photo Credit – Mike Sansano
Matt Maxwell playing drums
Photo Credit – Mike Tan

Matt Maxwell – Drums

Matt Maxwell, also local to Niagara Falls, was able to instantly mesh with his previous band mates, Ji and Yo.  His love for bands like Rush and Metallica brings a prog-rock influence and impeccable sense of timing that greatly enhances the band’s progressive fusion approach to their music.