Road Waves in front of a large crowd

"Road Waves is a fun-filled, soul-rock explosion."

Ji Sharp - Vocals/Guitar

Dave Ruigrok - Bass

Phil Bosley - Drums/Vocals

Road Waves, founded in 2014 by Ji Sharp, is a powerhouse in the live music scene. Their vibrant performances, blending blues, funk, jazz, and rock, defy categorization and push the boundaries of music. With two acclaimed self-released LPs—'The Lighthouse' (2015) & 'Red Sun Rising' (2018)—and captivating singles like 'Hometown' (2022), 'Small World' (2022), and 'Frog Rock' (2023), the band showcases their versatility and unwavering commitment to their craft.

Road Waves' exceptional talent and dedication have earned them numerous awards, including 'Best New Group' and 'Best Jazz Group' at the Niagara Music Awards in 2016. They were subsequently honored with the Diamond award for the 2020 Niagara Falls Readers Choice Awards.

Through a profound connection with their fans, Road Waves delivers unmatched passion in each song, leaving audiences mesmerized and invigorated. Their performances strike a perfect balance between composition and improvisation, creating a transcendent experience that leaves a lasting impact.

For almost a decade, Road Waves has captivated crowds across North America with their soulful and high-energy shows. Their heartfelt songwriting and exceptional musicianship result in a personal and exhilarating musical journey. As they continue to ignite stages continent-wide, Road Waves invites you to embark on an extraordinary musical adventure that will transform you forever.